Monday, August 28, 2006

8/17 and 8/24

OK, so if I don't start posting more frequently to this thing even less people are going to read it than do now. I have a feeling the blog will become more important as time goes on when there are events and news to record.

The last two meetings had enormously large turnouts, with about ten people each time. What is nice to see is that many people are coming regularly and hanging out afterwards. We've had more girls than guys at the last few meetings, which is a change. Hopefully posting some more pics of all the young ladies will draw some more men. If that doesn't work we'll try spiritual conversation, but we'll try the pics of the ladies first.

The first one is Keletor, J-Lal, and Lil' Kim at Finder's Pub after the meeting. The second one is John, Amanda Hugandkiss, and Kelly. I take no responsibility for the quality of any photographs.

There's talk of a few events in the works: a trip to the Davis Mega Maze, a dinner party, and additional movie nights. Check the blog and email for updates.


Friday, August 11, 2006

8/3/06 and 8/10/06

OLGCYA has been really hoppin' lately. We had eleven people at PJ's last night. It's not about the numbers, but it is nice to see. I've enjoyed meetings with five people and meetings with ten people. It's all about people getting together, building relationships and learning new things about their faith.

Here are some new pictures:

The first one is Sean and Fred at Becky Cosby's house. I can't seem to take a bad picture of Sean. The second one is some strange guy that has been showing up at meetings lately. We're trying to get him to go away. Any suggestions?