Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sesame Street and Who's on First

It's been quite some time since I've updated the Our Lady of Grace blog, so I thought I might give some news on recent events.

Halloween was a fun night. We traveled to Boston to participate in the archdiocese's Night of the Living at St. Leonard's in Boston's North End. Before Mass, there was adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and confessions. During Mass, the reader for the first reading did an outstanding job ;-). After Mass, there was a social. We got to meet old friends, and find new friends.

After they kicked us out of center (again, like the year before), we roamed about on Hanover Street to view some of the imaginative (and the leave no room for imagination) costumes of the night. And thanks to Paulus, who found Sesame Street again. It just wouldn't be right not to speak to Bert and Ernie or Oscar and Big Bird. Speaking of Sesame Street, the show is celebrating its fortieth anniversary.

Moving closer to the present, Our Lady of Good Counsel, our patron parish, held a variety show this past Saturday. Fr. Ken and crew did a fantastic job. Really. I'm not just being nice. And that's not just because some members of our group participated, because all the acts were good. Special mention goes to Erin who did a hilarious send up of Julia Child. I'll never think about pig bladders the same way again. Paul sang a couple of songs, and then Eric joined him on stage for a comedy routine. The skit was based on Who's on First, but instead of the baseball player's names, the confusion was created by the names of rock bands. It's the opinion of this writer that Paul and Eric bested Abott and Costello. For those who haven't heard Who's on First, you've missed a real classic.


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