Friday, December 21, 2007

What's in a Name? Politics and Karaoke

Merry Christmas everyone!

Last night's readings were well attended: Tony, Kelly, Moses, Paul, Gianna (with bells on) and I were present. We talked a bit about politics. We talked a bit about the House of David and his royal line. We talked a bit about the Virgin Birth. And we talked about the significance of a name.

Later at PJs, the political talk dominated, but movies and karaoke played a part too. Chris and JD showed up later. Fearless Leader Tony belted out his version of Hendrix's "Hey Joe". Of course, singer, sometimes professor, Paul sang something or other. :-)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

2nd Annual Pizza, Movie and LaSalette Lights

Pencil in your calendar folks. Leave this coming Saturday, the 15th clear, for the 2nd Annual Pizza, Movie and LaSalette Lights!

It's posted at 4-Marks here:

Essentially, anyone can join in at anytime, but homemade pizza is the featured fare at Johnny T's place. Followed by a movie at Patriot Cinemas ($2, you can't beat that). And then, witness the Christmas lighting at LaSalette shrine.

It was cool fun last year (Spinach pizza, hmmmm..., The Guardian was the movie -- anybody catch the Christian theme in it?). Rumor is that we'll sneak over to get some ice cream next door. Pure bliss. ;-)

Last Thursday

Last Thursday was another intense theological pressure cooker. Tony, Prof Paul, Luke, Kelly, Amanda, Chris, John, and me (Bob), were there talking about our favorite subject: Jesus. :-)

Later at PJs, JD and Gina joined in. Great conversation ensued, and after dinner, Paul needed a karaoke fix. So we strolled on over to the bar. However, Paul was unwilling to sing My Sharona, but instead opted for The Partridge Family's I Think I Love You. Ewww.

Some clandestine photos were taken (we cannot divulge who)...
JD and Bob.

Bob, Gina and Amanda

Chris, who is taking an unauthorized photo of the OLGYA photographer.

Gina, I see you...