Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Happy New Year, and the Epiphany

It was hard not to notice last night. Not to keep y'all in suspense, for those who weren't there, it was the group of people. For one thing, it was probably the largest group to show up since we've began our meetings at Our Lady of Good Counsel. It was a sweet sixteen, a fine group of young people who braved the cold on a Friday evening to talk about God and his revelation. In a sense, we followed the three wise men, the three magi, the three kings, to encounter the Word. Like the next Sunday's Mass readings we were reading and discussing, we were participating in the Epiphany. Kinda. Sorta. If you squint your eyes.

And people were left wanting more. As we usually do, after the hour long discussion at Our Lady of Good Counsel, we headed on out to a local restaurant to eat, drink and talk. Of course, some people went home after the meal, but some people stayed on to continue the discussion. For those of us remaining, we only left the restaurant afterwards because it was closing. This remnant then headed to a local member's home. I've no idea when the discussion stopped, since I left at 3 am.

What might be going on here? In a sense, it's the people. We join together because enjoy each other's company. And of course, we join together because of a common interest in His Word and His Sacred Scripture. We shouldn't forget our patroness, the Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Grace, who has interceded for us, and through her intersession, God has given us many graces. And thanks be to God. It is all because of Him.

And thanks also goes to the parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel and her pastor, Fr. Ken Cardinale, for allowing us to meet at their beautiful church.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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