Monday, August 28, 2006

8/17 and 8/24

OK, so if I don't start posting more frequently to this thing even less people are going to read it than do now. I have a feeling the blog will become more important as time goes on when there are events and news to record.

The last two meetings had enormously large turnouts, with about ten people each time. What is nice to see is that many people are coming regularly and hanging out afterwards. We've had more girls than guys at the last few meetings, which is a change. Hopefully posting some more pics of all the young ladies will draw some more men. If that doesn't work we'll try spiritual conversation, but we'll try the pics of the ladies first.

The first one is Keletor, J-Lal, and Lil' Kim at Finder's Pub after the meeting. The second one is John, Amanda Hugandkiss, and Kelly. I take no responsibility for the quality of any photographs.

There's talk of a few events in the works: a trip to the Davis Mega Maze, a dinner party, and additional movie nights. Check the blog and email for updates.



At 9/2/06, 12:43 PM, Anonymous Gina said...

Hey Tony,
I can leave a list of ideas here! HEHEHE. .. . now someone who is needs ideas or wants to show an interest in some sort of activity can just comment! That way we'll get more people to check the blog too! :-D Means you'll need to write more!

As for the comment on pic quality, I can bring my camera if you like. It's a nice one.

John mentioned the CM Boston weekend activities coming up on Oct. 6-8. The site is for those of you who are interested.

At 9/2/06, 1:17 PM, Anonymous Gina said...

Hi all,

a list of activities: (A)dinner - potluck or restaurant or pizza or make a meal together (I'm happy to host) (B)movie + discussion (C)cards/board game night (D)bowling (E)visit Shrines (F)Hebert's make-your-own-sundae (G)dancing- there's interest in swing, though it's hard to find places to dance after learning - I started in swing but ended up liking salsa because there are actually venues to go to (H)physical activities like canoeing, hiking, sailing, kayaking, even tubing on Ward Hill in a few months (I)Worcester's 10 colleges have lectures, musical, art, and cultural activities and exhibits (Clark foreign art films on Tue,Thurs 7:30PM and Sun. around 3 until Dec. 4. for $5.50 (J)amusement parks (K)pick-your-own fruit and maybe make crisp or pies or shortcake afterward (L)zoos (M)special activities at the Botanical Garden (N)Higgins Armory, art museums (O)Waterfire (P)volunteer projects - Mustard Seed (Q)seasonal activities - OCT. Davis Mega Maze, Edaville Cranberry Festival, Oktoberfest, King Richard's Faire, Pumpkin festivals (Roger Williams Zoo has a great one), Halloween costume party, hand out candy at hospital, Nov- thanksgiving service, think of activities to prep in Advent Dec- gingerbread houses (sounds like a kid activity, but the "grown ups" have more fun)- trip to see lights at LaSalette or Fatima Shrine, shopping trip to Emerald Square mall or Providence Mall, and there's always a million Christmas-related activities (I've got more for other months as well, but the list is getting ridiculous at this point.
I'm happy to organize, but I need to know for sure I have at least a person or two to accompany me before I share and put it up. So, any interests, post and we'll try to set it up.
I was thinking of going to Providence this coming Saturday. On a nice day, Atwells Ave is the Italian section, Thayer street is the artsy area near Brown, there is the IMAX theater, three story mall, and Waterfire at night. Any interest? It can easily be all day or just an evening escursion. :-) Let me know!

At 9/2/06, 2:51 PM, Anonymous Gina said...

One more time at the risk of over doing it:
Activities in Worcester by date and time:

Catholic activities this month:;region=Northeast
(LAST activity on this page is a SCOTT HAHN talk - I'd definitely like to go!)

Catholic speakers. Link from Catholic Free Press ad

Salsa/Swing lesson begins at 9:15. Dancing from 10pm to 2am. Live DJ -Requests Welcome! 12per person every Sat. Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge. Great food and area to window shop. The website is pretty bad though.

Friday, October 20, 2006
Salsa Class 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Salsa Social 8:00pm - 1:00am
$10 per ticket
(I know the instructors: Annette and Ray Gonzalez and Lynette Rivera as my sister used to teach with them!)

At 2/4/09, 6:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a place for pickups. Do not kid yourself.

At 2/4/09, 10:01 PM, Blogger Bob said...

Hey Anon,

Our meetings are a chance for Catholics to socialize as Catholics. Participating in the group has been fun, and I'll expect that to continue into the future.

I don't know how to take "pickups" since it does have a negative meaning. We're not a "meet/meat" market, if that's what you're implying. That is not our function.

However, anything can happen. Two of our members first met at one of our events at the local Fatima shrine. They recently became engaged.

God bless,

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