Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Ice Storm of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Yesterday's feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe was one to remember. Throughout the chaotic hodge-podge of power outages and downed power lines, there was an island of peace at Our Lady of Good Counsel in West Boylston.

At nearby I-190, the wall of iced trees along highway were strikingly beautiful. Beautiful and dangerous.

For those who made it, we had some discussions about Elijah (to be continued, by a proper report of the subcommittee investigating flying chariots) and the old TV show, Lost in Space (someone brought up Pigs in Space,... tres gauche). It was also a night of terrible puns (you know who you are!).

For those on the e-mail list, here's a gentle reminder about the Christmas Carols being sung at Chez Pauls tonight. Bring your Christmas cheer (as well as snacks and beverage of choice).


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