Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scripture Readings Cancelled for May 29

I've just been informed by Fr. Ken (via Paul), that Our Lady of Good Counsel will not be available for us on May 29. Fr Ken offers his apologies for the scheduling conflict.

If anybody wishes to get together to eat anyways, let me know, and I'll post the meeting place here.

The scripture reading discussion will resume on June 5th. Paul has graciously agreed to lead the group on that day, since I'll be traveling to Chicago.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Tony's Last Night Out

It was pretty somber last night as Tony was let out of the cave one final time before his final chaining. Just kidding. ;-)

Last night was great! There were some folks there we hadn't seen in a while. A handsome crowd came over to thank Tony for two years of solid service as our discussion leader.

Things started well, with the Mass celebrating our Lord's ascension. Then we gathered over at O'Conner's, and great food and conversation ensued (mmmm.... bangers and mash).

Do not fret, the discussions about next Sunday's readings will continue. I'll be leading those group discussions. Most importantly, we'll continue to gather socially as a community under Christ, and we'll continue our friendships formed here.

Some people have suggested some future gatherings and activities, and I welcome the ideas and if someone wishes to propose something here, feel free to do so.

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