Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Trip to Boston

We all had a good time at St. Leonard's in Boston's North End. They did a good job in gathering in a bunch of young adults for the night. It was nice of Mike's Pastries to provide the treats this Hallowed Eve night. Fr. Hennessey didn't need to mention "Mike's Pastries" twice except for comedic effect, and so he did. The Mass was tastefully done, musically and liturgically, and of course, Cardinal Sean gave a great homily.

We also wandered about on Hanover Street after they kicked us out of the church (well, it was running close to midnight after all), and there were some nice costumes with people in them also wandering about. It was a delightful evening, with a delicious late night pizza to top it off.

Now it has nothing to do with costumes, except perhaps the magic of that night's air overheated my imagination, but I did get to meet Santa Claus's head elf. Apparently his main job for the evening was to make sure that Santa Claus got to bed on time. A head elf's job seems pretty tiring.

And later, unbeknownst to the gentlemen of the group and while we were eating pizza, I wandered off to Sesame Street in order to meet Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, the Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch. Fortune smiled upon me, since I found Oscar's trash can. No, I did not wake Oscar, because at that time of night, grouches can be, well, grouchy. I returned to the group without the gentlemen noticing that I had disappeared for a moment. But I do have a witness! Apparently, the magic of fairie land still holds sway for people.

And it was a night of magic. Not of the pagan sort, but that instilled wonder about the world that the Creator has given each and every one of us. As Jesus pointed out, we must be as children, in order to accept the message and meaning of the Gospel. Take that to heart.


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