Friday, April 11, 2008

Blogging by E-mail; Entering the Sheepfold

Hey, folks! This is a blog entry submitted via e-mail. Ain't technology grand? Hopefully, it works. Otherwise, I've got egg on my face.

Do I have egg on my face?

Last night, Paul led the group. Joining him were Jenni, Brian, Dean, Erin and me (Bob). We discussed the readings and noted the connection between all three readings. In the first, Peter, just filled with the Holy Spirit, encourages people to be baptized and enter the Church. In the second, the Peter explains that the way may be difficult, but in the third, the Gospel reading, Jesus tells that once we make it through the gate, the sheepfold, which is Jesus and Jesus alone, then we will truly have life. Oh joy!

Later at PJs, Jenni mentioned she'll be away for a while for training. Have a safe trip!


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